An App in the Intely Platform represents an external system connector. The Intely app connector model is highly flexible, supporting a wide range of app integrations.

What is an App?

An Intely App could be:

  • An EMR or EHR system
  • An HL7 v2 Network Interface
  • A digital health app
  • A cloud storage location or data warehouse
  • A business application
  • ...And many others!

How Can I Connect My Application?

After creating an account, you'll have the option to build out your app, which will be used in workflows to connect to other apps through Intely. This will generally be private and contained to your organization, but you can request to make it a standard app in our system for others to connect.

What Pre-Built App Connectors Can I Use With Intely?

Intely has many native pre-built standard app integrations available for you to connect. Check out our complete list of pre-built integrations here.

The My Apps Library

The My Apps Library

If you do not see an application, following the steps in this guide will allow you to create a new application that you can keep private to your organization or expose to the public for use. If you need assistance configuring your app or a connected app, a team member will help you.

My Apps View

The My Apps view in the platform will show all the external systems you can connect to, the custom apps you have built for your organization, and your application connection.