Intely Apps can have one or multiple interfaces. An App Interface represents and defines a specific communication method and protocol an application or system supports. Some common examples of interfaces are FHIR R4, Default or Standard API, File, or Message.

A list of available App Interfaces

A list of available App Interfaces

Each app interface will contain definitions for authentication, authorization methods, and endpoints. Based on app requirements, rate limiting can also be defined per interface to prevent overload and maintain performance.

Supported Authorization Methods:

  • Basic Auth
  • API Key
  • Bearer Token
  • OAuth

For Network Interfaces, please refer to the VPN Connections page.

Instance Fields

Although the authorization method, base URL, token or authorization URL, and OAuth Credentials can be defined on the interface, it is common that these vary by connection instance (i.e., each connection may have different Base URLs, Authorization URLs, and credentials).

Instance fields allow you to set specific definitions for a connection instance and map how they should be used in the request. It's important to look at a vendor's integration or API docs to ensure that the interface you are building in the Intely Platform conforms to their authorization.