Engagement & Onboarding with Intely

Intely's onboarding for new clients wanting to set up integration workflows is structured in three phases.

1. Comprehensive Initial Overview & Kick-Off

This stage is about understanding and setting a solid foundation for your integration, current project, and future growth.

  • We'll have a call to align project resources, key stakeholders and set expectations around responsibility, involvement and support.
  • We'll take a deep dive into the software systems and applications, end-user workflows and data requirements you outline.
  • We'll set goals for the desired outcome and set success criteria.
  • We'll develop a testing and go-live plan.

2. Workflow Design and Configuration

Depending on your support tier and your desired level of involvement by the Intely team, we can provide your team consultation and guidance throughout the implementation process or augment your team and handle the entire setup.

Set Up App Connectors

We will work together to set up the application connectors and instances for your integration during this stage.

Often, one system may have multiple interfaces, and "standard" interfaces vary from application to application. Our platform and expert team can help you handle these variations easily and effectively.

If an App Connector is not already pre-built in our library, we'll work with you to set it up and include it in the platform.

Some EMRs/EHRs have approval processes and many organizations have IT departments to navigate to successfully gain access for integration. We'll assist you through that process.

Integration Workflow Design and Setup

This stage involves designing the overall data flow, any transformations, or other localizations.

We'll rely heavily on the data requirements you've defined to design the workflow trigger, interface transformations and standardization, and actions. Integrations can also contain conditional logic, which will be driven by the end-user workflows and rules you define.

These core building blocks will coalesce in an integration workflow built to facilitate automation and interoperability between your systems and applications.

3. Testing and Activation

Before implementing any system integration into a production environment, conducting multiple levels of automated testing and manual validation with you and your customers is critical. Below is the typical testing path Intely recommends:

  • Connection Testing: Executed using simple requests and non-production data to verify that Intely is authorized and authenticated to connect to the applications and systems.
  • Unit Testing: Completed within the Intely platform to ensure that the individual steps of an integration workflow function as expected.
  • Functional Workflow Testing: Executed within the Intely platform to ensure the workflow can execute all components successfully and perform the functions as intended. This typically involves connecting to the applications, depending on the system this may be a non-prod environment or use mock data. Intely has a 'Test Integration' feature that makes validation very straightforward.
  • End-User Testing: The end-users and client stakeholders will define test scripts to run through real-life scenarios. The project team will work to develop the test scripts with the client and connection site.
  • Performance Testing (optional): Executed to assess interface performance under various load conditions. This can be an important step before going live if an integration will have a high volume and load consistently or for short durations (spikes).

After testing, we'll execute the go-live plan you've defined and get your workflow up and running in production!