RESTful Request


The RESTful Request Step allows users to call an endpoint API without building a custom app. This can be extremely helpful if you do not want to build out an entire app, want to use different endpoints for testing purposes or have a single request to make.

Input Parameters

  • Method: The HTTP action you want to associate with the request
  • URL: The endpoint where you want to make the request
  • Query Parameters: The query parameters you want to include in the request URL
  • Headers: The request headers can commonly include the authorization token and content type, among other values. The authorization can be pulled in from a previous Authorization Step output.
  • Body: The request body for CREATE, PUT, PATCH requests. This is the data you want to send to the endpoint and must match the external systems format provided in their documentation.
  • Return Data Type: The Data Type you expect the endpoint to send the response in. The return Data Type must match the external systems format specified in their documentation. If you would like help creating a data type, please refer to the Data Types page


  • The Authorization Step is combined with the RESTful request step to authenticate the API call.