How to Use Intely

Sometimes it is helpful to see what other people are doing with a solution to understand how you can put it to use and solve a problem. Although this isn't a comprehensive list, these are some categories of use where the Intely Platform is particularly proficient.

Healthcare & Clinical Event Streaming

Set up event streams from an EMR for patient demographics, appointments, orders, and other clinical activity and consume it via simple, singular API.

  • Subscribe to real-time Patient Admit and Demographic Update (ADT) events from an EMR or Clinical System.
  • Set up Appointment and Visit (SIU) notifications from an EMR or Scheduling application.
  • Receive real-time Orders (ORM), Observations (ORU), and Charges (DFT) from the EMR patient chart.

Bi-Directional EHR/EMR Integration

Pull and fetch patient and clinical data from provider systems such as EMRs/EHRs, data warehouses, or other clinical systems. Write back relevant new and updated clinical activity directly into a patient chart.

  • Query an EHR system to pull patient demographic and medical history information.
  • Book appointments in the EMR or provider Scheduling System from an outside application for patient self-scheduling and online scheduling workflows
  • Send documents such as PDFs and reports from your application to an EMR and patient charts.
  • Write-back discrete clinical data and update a patient chart from your application

File Integration

Automate file processing and integration by receiving and consuming files in any format and converting them to your application's API specifications.

  • Receive raw and transformed Daily Extracts and Reports from an EMR/EHR system.
  • Easily Import Bulk Data Loads without needing to develop a custom solution.
  • Backload historical data during the implementation and setup of a solution.