Integration Builder


The Integration Builder allows users to create workflows that automate a complete integration. Using pre-configured app connections and data mappings, the builder follows simple trigger and action logic to execute individual steps and send requests.

An integration workflow can be triggered by various events, including a request to the Intely API.

Workflow Triggers:

  • Manual
  • Scheduled (CRON job)
  • Invoked API call
  • Webhook
  • Received HL7 Message

Users can use several pre-built steps within the integration workflow to build the exact flow their app needs.

Workflow Steps:

  • App Request Step - performs a request to a connected App Instance to create, retrieve, update, or delete data
  • Convert - transforms data from one format to another format
  • Conditional - applies and executes IF/ELSE/THEN logic
  • Loop - iterates over and processes multiple items or resources of data

A user can test the integration within the Integration Builder and generate a log output to validate the configuration and function.

Example of a workflow in the Integration Builder

Example of a workflow in the Integration Builder