Another common question is how long it takes to set up an integration and go live with Intely. The best answer is that many variables can influence the timeline of getting a connection and integration workflow live. It's important to set reasonable timelines internally and with customers and stakeholders.

Timeline Considerations

We’ve seen simple integrations go live in as little as two weeks. These projects typically involve straightforward data flows, fewer system dependencies, an adequately resourced project team, and fully aligned stakeholders.

On the other hand, more comprehensive and complicated projects can take closer to 3 to 6 months. These projects are more complex, involving multiple systems and more detailed data transformations, and often require gaining alignment from more stakeholders and project resources.

Accelerating Your Timeline with Intely

The old adage goes, "the sooner you start, the sooner you finish."

While variables can impact the timeline, Intely is designed to accelerate the process of designing, building, activating, and scaling connections and integration workflows. Our platform’s our team's expertise ensure a faster and smoother process that reduces the delays of intervening project variables.