Post Onboarding Support

In an ideal state, after the initial implementation, your team owns building out new connections and integration workflows with Intely. Don't let that scare you! Intely has ongoing help desk support, and you'll be paired with a technical integration resource and client success manager who can help support your team.


The roles required to support integration using Intely generally look something like this:

  • Implementation Resource - This role is responsible for building and implementing new client connections and workflows in the Intely platform as you scale up integrations. Part of the benefit of Intely is that an engineering background is not a requirement. However, this role should have a basic understanding of healthcare interfaces, concepts around system-to-system interfaces, and a strong understanding of the business case.
  • Support Analyst Resource - This role monitors ongoing interface connections and workflows in the Intely platform. This involves reviewing logs, addressing alerts, and troubleshooting. Many issues can be fixed simply in the platform, but as we know, interfaces need attention as data formats can change, connections can go down, and unforeseen changes can break workflows.
  • Project Manager Resource - This role is responsible for overseeing all functions as they relate to integrating with Intely. They drive and manage any new internal development, client implementations, and ongoing support for active client connections. It's helpful to have a firm grasp on the benefits and capabilities of Intely to communicate strategy effectively and benefit your internal and client teams.
  • IT/Networking Resource - If your connections use network interfaces for HL7 or SFTP integration, this role ensures you can easily establish new network client connections as you bring on new sites.
  • Engineering Resource - If you have a proprietary product that uses Intely as an integration gateway, periodic updates are required as new client connections and integration workflows are implemented. This role is responsible for updating your application or solutions connection with Intely - this can involve including new data processing or sending, making updates to the API, and facilitating the design of new connections.

It's important to note that many of these job functions and responsibilities will not require a full-time resource, and one person can also generally fill several functions, at least initially. However, once you grow to have many connections, having full-time and dedicated resources for each role may be needed.

We understand that not all teams are designed to support these roles and functions. The Intely team has various support packages that can help augment your team's resources and provide ongoing support as you scale. If you have questions about using and supporting Intely, please speak with your aligned customer success resource.