Scaling and Expanding Integrations with Intely

One common question is what it looks like to scale up integrations and expand. Intely makes it very easy to do that with our prebuilt connectors, integration builder, and the ability to template workflows. Here’s how you can scale your integrations effortlessly with Intely.

Scenarios for Scaling and Expanding Integrations

  1. Building Another Similar Workflow to the Same Type of System
    • Overview: This scenario is common when you onboard a new customer who uses the same system as an existing customer.
    • Complexity: This is the simplest and fastest scenario to get up and running because it leverages existing configurations and workflows.
    • Process: You replicate the existing connection workflow and apply it to the new customer, making minimal adjustments if necessary.
  2. Building Another Similar Workflow to a Different System
    • Overview: This occurs when you sign a new customer using a different system from your active customers.
    • Complexity: Easier than starting from scratch but requires some customization.
    • Process: While the workflow's foundation remains the same, you need to localize specifications to the new system and perform any new data transformations required to maintain consistency. Our integration builder and data mapper simplify this process.
  3. Building a Net New Workflow
    • Overview: This often occurs due to a new customer request or business requirement.
    • Complexity: Involves a comprehensive evaluation of app connectors, data, transformations, and defining new triggers and actions.
    • Process: Starting from a clean slate, you’ll use Intely’s integration builder to design and implement a new workflow. Despite starting fresh, Intely’s tools and support make this process efficient and straightforward.

Benefits of Scaling Integrations with Intely

Reduced Timeline
Regardless of the scenario, the timeline to activate an integration workflow is reduced with each additional connection. Our platform’s efficiency grows with you.

Economy of Scale
Building out integrations with Intely provides a significant return on investment through economies of scale. Intely users realize significant time and cost savings compared to building a solution in-house.

Regular Business Review Meetings
Our team will set up regular quarterly Business Review meetings. These sessions are designed to review your product and customer roadmap, stay ahead of new integration requests, and ensure you have everything you need to deliver outstanding service.