The Authorization Step allows users to get an authorization token for authentication from an outside source.


The Authorization Step supports three types of authorization: Basic, API Key, and Bearer Token.


Input Parameters

  • Username & Password


Input Parameters

  • Location: The Location of the API Key: in the query parameters or in the headers of the request
  • Field Name: The field name of the API Key. This is commonly 'API Key', 'Token', etc.
  • API Key: The value for the API Key

Bearer Token

Input Parameters

  • Token Variable: The variable you want to use to store the Bearer Token. You will need to create a variable, please refer to the Variables and Variable Step reference pages.
  • Requires Token URL: True or False. If set to True, you will need to input the following parameters:
  • Method: HTTP Action - either GET or POST
  • Token URL: The URL you want to make a request to fetch the authentication token.
  • Query Parameters: The query parameters you want to include in the request URL
  • Headers: Header key/values you want to include in the request
  • Token Property Name: The value the external system assigns to the access token.
  • Bearer Authentication Type: The Authentication Type for the Bearer Token


The Authorization Step is combined with the RESTful Request Step to authenticate the API call.