App Request


The App Request Step performs a request to a connected App Instance to create, retrieve, update, or delete data.

Input Parameters:

  • App Instance: The pre-configured App Instance of the system to which Intely will make a request.
  • Resource: The resource or API endpoint that you want to make the request. The resources are pre-defined endpoints that the external system has made available for external systems.
  • Action: The action for the request to the resource. This generally follows the create, retrieve, update, delete framework however, each App may use different or more specific verbiage.
  • Parameters and Values: Used to find the specific resource data in requests with Retrieve, Update and Delete Actions
  • Request Body: Used to send resource data in the body of the request for requests with the Create Action. The request body can come from a previous step output (e.g., a mapping), a mapping defined directly in the request body, or raw text (e.g., a JSON object using variables)